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Roland van Boxtel: 4th degree black belt

In May Roland van Boxtel tested successfully for his 4th degree (dan) black belt while in Korea. Roland runs his own school, Jeilkwan, in the Netherlands. Together with two of his students he traveled to Korea for a two week long hankimuye camp.

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Hankimuye Greece

We are happy to announce that after having not been in touch with our hankimuye brothers and sisters in Greece we have reestablished our relation with Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos. Alkiviadis has recently opened a school in Athens and asked to become a member of our federation.

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We would like to share a video with you in which our head-instructor, Ko Sehwan (7.dan), gives a demonstration of hankido visualization techniques; hwansangdobeop.

Hankimuye Summercamp

Eight hours of training a day for a whole week. Topped off with a black belt exam for some of the participants. Add some Siljeon Gyeoksuldo and you have the perfect ingredients for a successfull Hankimuye Summercamp.


Starting on Monday July 15, the summercamp took place in the Netherlands. Chongmukwan let us use their gym for the whole week. Masters Nam Gi-seok and Oh Jeong-taek of the World Siljeon Gyeoksuldo Federation volunteered to teach a three hour session each afternoon to give the participants a glimpse in the Siljeon Gyeoksuldo system. In the morning and evening master Ko Se-hwan taught hankido to a group of over 30 participants.

Hankimuye Summercamp 2019

The atmosphere on and off the mat was great. Everyone worked hard and was eager to learn. People from many Dutch schools joined and even students from Finland flew in to be able to share mat time.

Dan test

On Saturday July 20 the mat filled with 19 people ready to test for either their first or next dan grade. Most of them had participated in the summercamp. Five young ladies and fourteen guys tested succesfully. We would like to congratulate them on a job well done.

4th dan: Levi (CMK)

2nd dan: Klaas (CMK) and Ryan (CMK)

1st dan: Peter (SMK), Ornelo (SMK), Michael (SMK), Werner (CMK), Maarten (SMK), Pieter (CMK), Ida (CMK), Seline (CMK), Amber (CMK), Simon (CMK), Willem (CMK), Levi (SMK), Florantijn (SMK), Armani (SMK), Wannakhon (SMK) and Jaydee (SMK),

Hankimuye Master Course

We call all instructors with a 2nd dan or higher and all school owners to come to Korea and join the First Hankimuye Master Course.


hankido instructor

This weeklong event start on September 30 and will last until October 5, 2019. The costs are 450.000 krw per person for the whole week and covers training, accomodation, meals and transport from and to the airport. All participants will receive a new dobok as well as a certificate of participation.

On October 5 we will have a small memory in rememberance of master Ko Baek-yong. It will be two years since he passed away from us.

From Monday until Friday there will be four sessions per day. International instructors from our federation will teach classes as well as some guest instructors from related styles.

Contact us

We hope a good number of people will be able to make it to Korea for this unique event. If you have any further questions, please contact us a .

8th dan for Leon de Heus

Leon de Heus tested in front of master Ko Baek-yong and master Yang Yong-seok for his eight dan at the future headquarters of the World Hankimuye Federation. Leon was invited to test for this eight dan earlier this year and the test was supposed to take place in the Netherlands.

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Master Ko Baek-yong Fundraiser

Dear friends and members of the World Hankimuye Federation,

ko baek-yong fundraiserthis time we need to share with you a sad message. Master Ko Baek-yong is diagnosed with cancer. The cancer has spread to his liver, and there is nothing the doctors can do anymore.

In these sad times we ask you for your help. Money is needed for master Ko’s medicine to relief him from the pain he experiences.

Master Ko Baek-yong is staying at the soon to be finished headquarters of the World Hankimuye Federation. It is master Ko’s last wish to see this building turn into a place where martial artists come to share time on the mat and live by his motto: many practice, can do!


Hankido Weekend Seminar Finland

In October instructor Klaas Barends (6th dan) will visit our schools in Finland to teach a weekend long seminar. Hankido and hankumdo will be the topics of the classes. Klaas hopes to arrive on Friday the 13th and the last class will be on Sunday October 15. Everyone who is interested in learning hankido and hankumdo is invited to participate.

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Successful Summer Camp

Every year we host a HKD Summer Camp. Once every two years the camp takes place in Korea, the other year the camp takes place in dojang of Chongmukwan in the Netherlands. This year it was Chongmukwan’s turn to organize the camp. Students from many Duthc member schools stayed at the dojang to train with instructors Ko Sehwan and Klaas Barends.

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Winter Seminar Finland 2017

Two instructors from our federation taught a weekend seminar in Finland from December 9 till December 11. Wim van der Linden and Klaas Barends were invited by Sami Munnuka to teach at the newly opened Finnish Hankido headquarters near Helsinki. The Dutch and Finnish federation keep close contact and visits are made regularly back and forth. Earlier this year Sami and Satu Munnuka tested for their fourth and third dan respectively. During the seminars they received their official certificates from our federation.

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Haïti seminars and exams

Recently two instructors of our federation visited Haïti. Michael Lee and Klaas Barends visited the Mission of Love and Hope in Cité Soleil, the poorest commune of Haïti. The Mission runs a church, hospital, school and supports four local orphanages. Ten students follow a instructor course of our federation which should enable them to teach hankido at the orphanage and open their own school.

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Texas Hankido Seminar

On October 29, 2011 master Ko Baek-yong taught the first international hankido seminar in the Woodlands, Texas. Now five years later master Ko Baek-yong visited Texas again. The skills and knowledge of the students in Texas had grown a lot in five years. This enabled master Ko Baek-yong to teach more advanced material.

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Haiti Fundraiser

In November two instructors of our organisation will travel to Haiti to teach Korean Martial Arts at the Korean Mission Center. They need your support to make this mission a great success.

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Hankimuye Summer Seminars 2016

The Hankimuye Summer Seminars 2016 have come to an end. We shared the mat with a group of very enthusiastic hankido practitioners. Training, sleeping and eating 24/7 at the headquarters of our federation in Incheon, South-Korea. The official seminars lasted two weeks, but some people decided to stay a week longer. Here is an overview of what training in Korea looks like.

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USA Hankido seminars 2016

This fall master Ko Baek-yong will visit our schools in Texas. Master Ko will be in Texas from October 21 until October 31. Master Ko Baek-yong has been invited by Tom Foucha of Sangmookwan Texas to share his knowledge with the local instructors and students. Master Ko Baek-yong will be accompanied by instructor Klaas Barends. After the Texas seminars Klaas will move on to Los Angeles first and from there will visit the mission in Haiti together with Michael Lee.

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Dutch students test for next dan

A lot of people had gathered at the headquarters of the Dutch HKD Federation in IJsselstein to witness the dan test of their family, friends or students. In total 17 people tested for a dan rank. Eight people tested successfully for their first dan. The test for second dan was completed by three persons while one student tested for his third dan. At the higher dans three instructors tested for fifth dan and two others for sixth.

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Hankido in Spain

We are glad to announce that three new schools have decided to join our organisation. After a weekend seminar on the Spanish island Mallorca the schools of Pedro Campillo Frontera, David Martinez and Carlos Leal Campón joined the World Hankimuye Federation. We welcome them to our family.

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Weekend seminar in Finland

In preparation of master Ko Baek-yong’s upcoming visit to Finland in May of this year, instructor Klaas Barends from the Dutch Hankido Federation visited Finland for a weekend filled with hankido and hankumdo training.

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