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Hankido Weekend Seminar Finland


In October instructor Klaas Barends (6th dan) will visit our schools in Finland to teach a weekend long seminar. Hankido and hankumdo will be the topics of the classes. Klaas hopes to arrive on Friday the 13th and the last class will be on Sunday October 15. Everyone who is interested in learning hankido and hankumdo is invited to participate.

Klaas will visit Finland on the invitation of Sami Munukka. Sami is the head instructor of Seongmukwan in Finland and runs a fulltime gym in Vantaa, near Helsinki. The exact schedule for the weekend will be made available soon.

More information

For more information, contact Sami Munukka at
Address: Laitilankuja 1, 01610 Vantaa, Finland
Telephone: +358 44 5977044