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Hankido in Spain


We are glad to announce that three new schools have decided to join our organisation. After a weekend seminar on the Spanish island Mallorca the schools of Pedro Campillo Frontera, David Martinez and Carlos Leal Campón joined the World Hankimuye Federation. We welcome them to our family.

hankido mallorcaMaster Ko Baek-yong was invited by Pedro to the beautiful island of Mallorca to teach an introduction of hankido. On Saturday a group of 30+ students that were interested in getting to know hankido better joined us on the mat. Some people were completely new to hankido, others already have years of experience. It turned out to be a very educational weekend for everyone. On the mat the spirit was good and everyone trained hard, helped each other out and shared ideas. In the rest of the time available to us we were introduced to amazing Spanish food and we had the time to forge new friendships.


hankido in spainOn Saturday master Ko taught two sessions, each session lasting three hours. During the first session master Ko Baek-yong taught basic stepping, followed by a few very basic hankido techniques. The second sessions started with falling techniques, followed by more advanced hankido techniques. As always master Ko emphasised the correct application of hankido’s basic principles. Not only did master Ko teach hankido selfdefense, an introduction in hankido breathing and visualisation techniques (hwansangdobeop) was given as well. On Sunday one more session was taught about hankido selfdefense.


The three new schools will form a new Spanish Hankido Federation to promote hankido in Spain and to help further the spread of our beautiful martial art.


hankido in spain
hankido mallorca