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HKD Winter Seminar

For those who aren’t afraid of a bit of cold and snow we offer the possibility to participate in the HKD Winter Seminar in Lohja, Finland. The seminar will span three days from February 5 until 7. Instructor Klaas Barends from the Netherlands will be teaching both Hankido and Hankumdo.

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Hankimuye Summer Camp 2016

Registration for the Hankimuye Summer Camp 2016 is now open. The summer camp will take place from August 1, 2016 until August 12. Two weeks of full time hankido and hankumdo training at the Hankimuye headquarters in South-Korea.

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Hankimuye in Brazil

After master Luiz Miele and his students visited the Hankimuye headquarters in Korea earlier this year, it was now time for Klaas Barends to pay a visit to Brazil. At the invitation of Luiz and his students Klaas spent twelve days in São Paulo. His main mission was to teach hankumdo.

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Hankimuye Seminar Bangkok

Last Sunday the first seminar of our federation took place in Thailand. At the school of master Attawiboon Kampansak located in Central Plaza, Bangkok. Martial arts enthusiasts from all over Bangkok came to the seminar.

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Plattsburgh Hankido seminar

At the moment one of our international instructors, Klaas Barends, is teaching a series of seminar in the USA. After seminars in New York City, Klaas taught seminars at the Hankido school of instructor Ron Woord in Plattsburgh (NY).

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Hankido seminars in New York

Over the last few day instructor Klaas Barends (5th dan) has been teaching the members and instructors of Sangmookwan NYC. This school is run by instructor Michael Lee (4th dan) with the help of instructor James Kim (2nd dan). Sangmookwan in New York operates from two Korean churches in the Flushing area. Klaas has been teaching both hankido and hankumdo.

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New headquarters

We are moving the headquarters of our federation from Seoul to Incheon. In our new gym we will be able to house more people and offer the people that stay better facilities. The gym is located in the centre of the Incheon, near the City hall subway station.

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