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European HKD Seminars 2019


Master Ko Sehwan recently traveled to Europe to teach at schools in the Netherlands, Finland and Spain.

Netherlands I

hapkido nederland netherlandsMaster Ko arrived in the Netherlands on September 16 and the same day taught a seminar to instructors of the Dutch HKD Federation. The rest of the week master Ko Sehwan spend in the southern part of the country to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Cheonjikwan in Veldhoven. There were daily training sessions with members of both Cheonjikwan and Jeilkwan. On Saturday September 22 a open seminar took place where both instructor Ko Sehwan and several instructors of the Dutch HKD Federation taught classes on various subjects.


After one week in the Netherlands master Ko Sehwan traveled north to Finland to celebrate the 10th anniversary of hankido in Finland. Ten years ago Sami Munukka flew to the Netherlands to meet with master Ko Baek-yong and participate in seminars. Now ten years later there is a growing group of hankido and hankumdo enthusiasts in Finland. What better way to celebrate this than with four daily training sessions? On Saturday September 29 dan three people passed their dan test. On Sunday the 30th it was time to fly back to the Netherlands again.

Netherlands II

hankido finlandThe next three days master Ko Sehwan stayed with head instructor Leon de Heus at the Dutch HKD headquarters. Classes were taught during the day and at night and on Tuesday both men visited Baekyongkwan in Alphen to teach.


There was little time for rest, because on Thursday it was time to fly south to the beautiful island of Mallorca. Two years ago master Ko Baek-yong taught hankido for the first time on the island. Pedro Campillo had invited master Ko to come teach and introduce his style. Now it was time for his son to continue the tradition. Thanks to Pedro’s enthusiasm the group on Mallorca is growing fast, not only in quantity but also in quality.

Netherlands III

After a long weekend in Spain there were just two days left. On Monday Ko Sehwan visited Urk and taught classes at Chongmukwan. On Tuesday it was time to fly home.
Master Ko Sehwan will be back next year. He will be teaching at the Hankimuye Summercamp in Urk.