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Hankimuye Tour 2018


Master Ko Sehwan will be teaching seminars in the Netherlands, Finland and Spain in September and October this year. Master Ko Sehwan has been invited by schools in these countries to share his knowledge of hankido and hankumdo.


hankido seminarIn the Netherlands master Ko Sehwan will teach a open seminar during the festivities that surround the 25th anniversary of Cheonjikwan in the city of Veldhoven. This seminar will take place on Saturday, September 22. In the week before the event master Ko Sehwan will be teaching classes at several schools in the surrounding area. If you plan to attend this seminar, please contact Cheonjikwan directly.


The following week master Ko Sehwan will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of hankido in Finland with members of the Finnish Hankido organisation. An open seminar is planned for the weekend of September 29 and 30. Hosts Sami and Satu Munukka are looking forward to having you come to their dojang near Helsinki. You can contact them at


The next weekend master Ko Sehwan will be teaching hankido on the island Mallorca. It will be the first time master Ko visits Spain to teach and we invite all those who are interested to join us on the mat. For more information contact master Pedro Campillo.