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Haiti Fundraiser


In November two instructors of our organisation will travel to Haiti to teach Korean Martial Arts at the Korean Mission Center. They need your support to make this mission a great success.

haiti fundraiserSince 2014 instructor Michael Lee has been teaching hapkido and hankido in Haiti at the Korean Mission Center.
In November Michael Lee and instructor Klaas Barends will travel to Haiti to teach an intensive one week course to the candidate instructors.


The goal of the mission is that one day when the instructors earn their black belt and are able to teach, each instructor will join with a local pastor in a village and start their own school. We envision a school where they will practice Hankido and establish worship on Sundays giving hope to the poor villages as well as to teach them the discipline to live a better life.


hankido haitiThe mission is reaching out to the martial arts community to support the mission on Haiti financially. Both instructors paid for their own tickets and accommodation. Funds are needed to support the candidate instructors and their families so they can actually start their own school. This way they can earn a living and support themselves.
Your money will be used to supply the mission with training equipment like striking pads, kicking targets, martial arts uniforms and sparring equipment.

You can use PayPal to make a donation. All funds will be used directly to support the instructors on Haiti and their families.


Below you find some pictures of Michael Lee’s last trip to Haiti with two students.

haiti fundraiser
hankido haiti