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HKMY Seminars Greece


In preparation of the International Hankimuye Seminars that will take place later this year master David Kwakernaak (4th dan) from the Netherlands will visit Athens to teach a seminar on the basics of hankimuye. David will be teaching in Athens starting on March 1.

hankido instructor
Masters Ko Sehwan and David Kwakernaak

The weekend of March 2 and 3 will be filled with several classes in which David will cover many different subjects. When you are interested in learning hankimuye, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. For more information about the seminars, please contact Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos.

International Seminars

In the fall of this year master Ko Sehwan will visit several European schools to teach hankimuye and where possible test people for their next grade. In March Klaas Barends will accompany David to Athens to review the skill level of several key students in Greece and to promote the upcoming seminars in October.