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Jeilkwan receives membership certificate


Instructor Roland van Boxtel, leader of our charter school Jeilwkan in the Netherlands, received the official World Hankimuye Federation membership certificate out of the hands of Leon de Heus.

Jeilkwan - Leon de Heus en Roland van BoxtelRoland (2nd dan) started training under Leon de Heus (7th dan). In 2014 Roland traveled to Korea and attended the opening of our federation’s headquarters. At that time he expressed the desire to start his own school. With the support of master Ko Baek-yong and after taking part in an intensive instructor course in 2015 Roland started his own school in the city of Den Bosch earlier this year.
Roland received his certificate after a instructor seminar in the Netherlands. The name of the school is Jeilkwan (제일관, je-il-kwan). We welcome Roland and his students to our federation.