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USA Hankido seminars 2016


This fall master Ko Baek-yong will visit our schools in Texas. Master Ko will be in Texas from October 21 until October 31. Master Ko Baek-yong has been invited by Tom Foucha of Sangmookwan Texas to share his knowledge with the local instructors and students. Master Ko Baek-yong will be accompanied by instructor Klaas Barends. After the Texas seminars Klaas will move on to Los Angeles first and from there will visit the mission in Haiti together with Michael Lee.

USA Hankido

usa hankido new yorkHankido is not a widely known martial art in the United States. The World Hankimuye Federation has school in Los Angeles (Ca), Spring (Tx) and Plattsburgh (Ny) and is actively promoting hankido. One of the ways it does this is by hosting seminars around the country. In October master Ko Baek-yong himself will visit the schools in Texas. Klaas Barends will assist master Ko Baek-yong and then travel on to Los Angeles and Haiti to teach.


Master Ko Baek-yong will arrive in Texas on the 21st of October. Klaas will arrive a few days later on the 25th. On Saturday, October 29, an open seminar will be taught at the TigerRock Martial Arts the Woodlands in Spring. During the week classes will be taught in Onalaska and Spring. Contact Tom Foucha for more information.
Instructor Tom Foucha has been invited to test for 4th dan. His students Lance McKee and Tim Sorensen will test for 2nd dan. The tests will take place on Friday, October 28. 
You can use the registration form below to sign up for the seminar.

Los Angeles and Haiti

From Monday, October 31, until Friday, November 4, Klaas will visit the school of Michael Lee in Buena Park, LA. From LA they will travel together to Haiti. On Haiti, Michael runs a hankido school as part of his church’ mission. Klaas will teach for a week on Haiti before returning home. People in the LA area can contact Michael Lee for more information.

If you are interested in learning hankido please contact Klaas for more information.