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Texas Hankido Seminar


On October 29, 2011 master Ko Baek-yong taught the first international hankido seminar in the Woodlands, Texas. Now five years later master Ko Baek-yong visited Texas again. The skills and knowledge of the students in Texas had grown a lot in five years. This enabled master Ko Baek-yong to teach more advanced material.


A group of dedicated students attended the seminar. The four-hour seminar was divided up four one-hour blocks, each block had it’s own theme. In the first block master Ko Baek-yong and his assistant Klaas Barends taught the basics of hankido, with the emphasis mostly on ‘jeonhwanbeop’, the circle stepping technique. The application of the steps followed in the second block, with the ‘hangeombeop’-steps as the base for the inside/outside and outside/inside locks. During the third and fourth block hankido self-defense exercises and hwansangdobeop, hankido’s visualization techniques, were taught.


Halfway through the seminar, there was an official moment. The people who had tested the previous night received their certificates. Instructor Tom Foucha also received a special membership calligraphy.


master ko baek yong