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2023 black belt tests


“A black belt is a white belt who kept showing up to class.” On October 28 a large group of 25 students who kept coming to class regularly tested for first, second, third or even fourth dan. The test took a grueling three hours, but the result satisfied everyone. The examiners were satisfied with the quality that the testees showed, the people who tested were satisfied with their passing of the test.


Fourth dan is viewed as the master level grade. Mustafa, Jacob, Lukas and David tested for this grade. Needless to say that as a federation we are glad with the result just as much as these four gentlemen. The third dan is the last dan for which the test is a purely technical one. For fourth dan the testees have to demonstrate that they are not only technically qualified but also posses the skills to teach. Writing an essay is part of the test for fourth dan.

Black belt and up

A lot of people seem to think that the black belt exam is the end goal. People who actually train, know that black belt is only the start. Long time beginners Nico, Mike, Ryan, Albert and Klaas were asked to test for their third dan. Starting beginners Willem, Simon, Maarten, Hamid, Amy, Yannick and Levi passed their test for second dan. The following people are now at the start of their martial arts career: Taha, Wahid, Albert, Sjors, Jurian, Klaas Jan, Fokke Jan, Lucian, Jorn and Daniël.

A total of 29 people were awarded a dan grade in some form today. Not only did the above people test, Leon de Heus was awarded a 9th dan while Tijmen de Heus and Jenne Meijster were awarded the senior dan grade that comes with their role as wonlo of our federation.