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Upcoming European seminars


In the last two weeks of Octobers master Yang Yong-seok (9th dan) and Ko Se-hwan (7th dan) will pay a visit to the Netherlands to teach members of the European hankimuye community. On October 28 test will be conducted for first dan and higher.

hankimuye netherlands

On October 17 both masters will arrive in IJsselstein, where they will stay a couple of days at the Dutch Hankimuye Headquarters run by master Leon de Heus (8th dan). A seminar is planned on the 18 in the city of Den Bosch at Jeilkwan. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday members of the European hankimuye community will be able to train under both masters.

After their stay in IJsselstein the team will continue their journey to Chongmukwan in the town of Urk. There both masters will stay another week. On Saturday October 28 a group of nearly 20 students will be tested for either their first or next black belt grade (dan). Students have been preparing for dan examens for first, second, third and fourth dan.

If you are interested in joining one or more classes, please contact Klaas Barends.