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Start European Seminars


Master Ko Baek-yong arrived in the Netherlands where he will kick off the European Hankimuye Seminars of 2016. Master Ko will also travel to Finland and Spain to teach hankido.

In the past decade master Ko Baek-yong has visited the European Hankimuye schools annually. Official Hankimuye schools can now be found in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Turkey with schools in more countries who are in the progress of earning the credentials to become officially registered.


Before his departure master Ko Baek-yong taught one last class at the Hankimuye headquarters in Incheon. At this moment students from Australia and Russia are staying at the gym for a month of intensive HKD training. They will continue their training under the supervision of master Ko Se-hwan.

hankido hankimuye

Visit the website of the Dutch HKD Federation if you want to participate in the European Hankimuye Seminars.