Hankido seminars in Texas


After teaching in New York and Plattsburgh Klaas travelled to Texas on the invitation of Sangmookwan Texas. There Klaas was a guest of Tom Foucha who heads the Texas Hankido organisation.

hankido texasOn weekdays Klaas taught hankido at the Woodlands Taekwondo school. Klaas was happy to receive a crash course in firearms from Robert Heins. Extra sessions were planned during the week for the instructors of Sangmookwan Texas.

On Saturday an open seminar was scheduled at the Woodlands Aikido Center. The dojo of Michael Black sensei filled up with students who came from all over Texas. Klaas taught a four hour seminars covering the basic principles and strategy of hankido. After the seminar all participants received a certificate.

Tom and Klaas traveled to Korea to attend the opening of the Hankimuye Headquarters and to train with master Ko Baek-yong. The are accompanied by Wim van der Linden and Roland van Boxtel from the Netherlands. Later Tom’s student Tim Sorenson will make the trip to Korea as well.


hankido texas seminar
hankido texas seminar
hankido texas seminar
hankido texas seminar


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