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Hankimuye Spring Training


Want to train martial arts in Korea? In the spring of 2018 our federation will host a two week hankimuye seminar at our new headquarters in Seosan, South-Korea. Two weeks filled with quality hankido, hapkido and hankumdo training. Our federation’s new headquarters are located near Seosan City, just two hours south of Seoul. Located in front of a small mountain, the gym offers the perfect spot to not only train hard but also to experience Korean culture. Walk up the mountain and you will find several temples. From the top you can see the Yellow sea and the beautiful beaches of Mallipo or only a 30 minute drive away. Particpants are served three meals a day, with many of the ingredients coming fresh from our own garden.


Ko Sehwan hankumdoEveryday there are three training sessions. One in the morning, before lunch and one in evening. Every session lasts two hours. Some of the topics we will cover are hapkido and hankido self defense, hankumdo, bamboo cutting, kicking and gwonbeop. The main instructor will be master Ko Sehwan, head instructor of the World Hankimuye Federation.


The seminars start on Monday, April 30. Participants should arrive on either April 28 or 29.
In the weekend of May 5 and 6 a trip is will be scheduled to Gyeongju, the capital of Silla, a site with many historic and cultural landmarks. After the second week of training it is time to go back home again on May 12.
Participants will receive a certificate op participation as well as a free training T-shirt. Membership of our federation is available to those who are interested. Those eligible for testing, can do so on the last Friday of the second week.


The total price for two weeks of training is 1000 USD. This includes training, accommodation, meals and transport from and to the airport. It doesn’t include your ticket to Korea and costs for sightseeing.

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If you sign up before January 1, 2018 you will receive a 100 USD discount!

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