Photo blog: Finland last day


Today was our last day in Finland. Tomorrow we will fly to the Netherlands, where we will stay until Saturday May 3. We taught one final seminar on this last day and had a great time. Everyone was wearing his or her fresh new belt and was extra motivated to make the last seminar count.

We started with kicks after which we taught more hwansangdobeop. We ended the seminar with some traditional Hankumdo techniques.
After the seminar everyone was awarded a certificate of participation. In return the Fins gave us nice Finnish presents.
We would like to thank all Finnish Hankido practitioners for the great time we had here.


hankido finland seminar

After the seminar we took some pictures near one of Finland’s many lakes.

chonkibup hankido 1
chonkibup hankido 2
chonkibup hankido 3
chonkibup hankido 4
chonkibup hankido 5
chonkibup hankido 6
chonkibup hankido 7
chonkibup hankido 8
chonkibup hankido 9
chonkibup hankido 10
chonkibup hankido 11
chonkibup hankido 12


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