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Our logo

World Hanki Martial Arts Logo

Our logo
Our organisation has both a logo and an emblem. The logo is made up of the red and blue taegeuk that is also part of the South-Korean flag. In the middle the word ‘han’ is written in archaic hangul. Both the taegeuk and the han-character symbolise the Korean roots of our federation and the martial arts that we teach. Hankido forms the basis for all that we teach. In Korean Hankido is also often written with the archaic character for Han.
On the upper side of the logo the English name of our federation is written, on the bottom the name is written in Korean.
The logo will be used on certificates issued by the World Hanki Martial Arts Federation. It is also worn as a patch on the uniforms of our members. The typical place to wear this patch is on the left side of the chest.

World Hanki Martial Arts Federation Emblem

Our emblem
The emblem of the World Hanki Martial Arts Federation will be used on our federation flag, certificates and of course this website. The emblem is made up of a picture of master Ko Baek-yong preforming an H.K.D. technique with a map of the world in the background. The map symbolises the global nature of our organisation while the picture symbolises the martial arts and principles that we teach. The name of our organisation both in English and Korean is written around the center image.