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Fall 2022 Seminars in the Netherlands and Spain


In Octobers master Ko Sehwan (7th dan) will bring a visit to the Netherlands and Spain. From October 10 until 22 he will stay in Urk at Chongmukwan, followed by a week at the Dutch HKD Headquarters in IJsselstein. During the weekend of October 15 and 16 master Ko Sehwan will teach seminar on Mallorca, Spain. On Saturday 29 he will return home to Korea. Members of our federation will be offered several chances to train with master Ko Sehwan during his stay in the Netherlands and Spain.

hankimuye seminars october 2022
Poster for the Open Seminar

A open Seminars will take place on Saturday October 22 in Urk. This seminar is open to all levels. There is room for a limited number of participants. It is adviced to reserve your spot asap.

Program Open Seminar

Everyone is invited to join the open seminar on Saturday October 22. Five hours of intense pratice in hankumdo and hankido. There will also be time for questions and master Ko Sehwan will explain what hankimuye is about.

Click here to reserve your spot.