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At this time it is near to impossible for our federation to plan new international events in 2020. We already had to postpone three major events planned and at this point the situation is to unclear to plan new events for 2020.

hankimuye brazil ko sehwan

We hope that 2021 will be more welcoming to our plans than 2020 has been so far. At the moment of writing most schools are getting back some of their freedom and can start teaching classes on a regular basis again. In many countries however it is still not possible to teach full classes and the 6-feet (1.5 meter) rule is in full eject in most countries.

Articles on this site concerning events planned in 2020 have been deleted.


If you are interested in an introduction to our program, you can follow some online courses at We urge our students to take these courses to stay up-to-date with our federation’s curriculum.

We wish all members of our federation good health. Please stay safe and we look forward to meeting you in 2021.