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W.H.M.A.F. representative in Brazil


Luiz Miele (4th dan) is the pioneer of  hankido in Brazil and with that in South America. We are very glad to announce that he has agreed to become the contact person of our federation for all people in South America.

Luiz Miele started training hapkido in 1976 in Brazil. In 1990 he saw his dream come true with a trip to South-Korea. This is when he first met both Myung Jae-nam kuksanim and master Ko Baek-yong and competed in the first International Hapkido Games in Seoul. In the years after his first trip to Korea many more followed. Travelling to and training in Korea in 1994 and 1997 as well. In 2000 he stayed at master Ko Baek-yong’s gym, sangmukwan, for two months. At this time master Ko Baek-yong accepted him as his student.

Luiz teaches hankido to a dedicated group of friends and at seminars around Brazil. He is also a combat instructor at the military police academy in São Paulo. Luiz speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.


Kuksanim and Miele
Kuksanim received a Brazil soccer jersey
Master Ko and Luiz Miele
kuksanim mokgamabeop
Luiz Miele at Sangmukwan
gold medal ihf games 1992
Hankido cheongibeop
Barends Ko and Miele