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Author: Sehwan Ko

Fall 2023 seminars

In the fall of 2023 masters Yang Yong-seok (9. dan) and Ko Se-hwan (7. dan) will be teaching seminars in the Netherlands from October 17 until 29. Both masters will stay at the Dutch hankimuye headquarters and Chongmukwan respectively. During this time members and friends of the European hankimuye community will be able to participate in events hosted by the Dutch hankimuye federation.

yang yong-seok 9th dan
Master Yang Yong-seok (9. dan)

Dan exams

A record number of members have been invited to test for either their first or next black level grade. Many members had to put their tests on hold due to the pandemic, and or now motivated more than ever to pass their test.


Members of the Dutch Hankimuye federation will be offered several oppurtunities to learn from these two masters. There will be a black belt seminar on October 21 at the Dutch Hankimuye headquarters in IJsselstein as well as open seminar at Chongmukwan in Urk on October 28.

International guests are urged to contact the organisation as soon as possible to make sure there will be room avaible.

Hankimuye Athens 2022

At the end of the year the Greek Hankimuye organization will host a seminar with instructor Klaas Barends (6th dan) in Athens. Klaas has been invited to teach hankimuye from December 24 until 27. If you would like to spend your Christmas days a bit different, feel free to join. The seminars are open to all those who are interested.

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Hankimuye Seminars 2022

How much can one person learn in three weeks? A lot apparently. Especially when your teacher is master Ko Sehwan (7th dan), head-instructor of our federation. Master Ko travelled to Europe to teach the instructors and members of our the World Hankimuye Federation in Spain and the Netherlands. Here is an overview of what those three weeks looked like.

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The future of hankimuye

On Sunday October 23, 2022 several instructors of our federation got together to talk about the future of hankimuye. They did this during a private seminar with master Ko Sehwan who is visiting Europe at the moment. Some instructors in the Netherlands have had a relation with master Ko Baek-yong, founder of our federation, dating back more than 30 years. The Netherlands has the largest number of hankimuye dojangs in the world.

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Open Seminar Great Success

On Saturday October 22 the Chongmukwan gym in Urk was packed with people eager to train with master Ko Sehwan (7th dan). It was the first seminar in about three years that we were able to organise due to the corona pandemic. It was good to see everyone back on the mat again.

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Fall 2022 Seminars in the Netherlands and Spain

In Octobers master Ko Sehwan (7th dan) will bring a visit to the Netherlands and Spain. From October 10 until 22 he will stay in Urk at Chongmukwan, followed by a week at the Dutch HKD Headquarters in IJsselstein. During the weekend of October 15 and 16 master Ko Sehwan will teach seminar on Mallorca, Spain. On Saturday 29 he will return home to Korea. Members of our federation will be offered several chances to train with master Ko Sehwan during his stay in the Netherlands and Spain.

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At this time it is near to impossible for our federation to plan new international events in 2020. We already had to postpone three major events planned and at this point the situation is to unclear to plan new events for 2020.

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Hankimuye Master Course 2019

From September 30 until October 5 the first Hankimuye Master Course took place at the headquarters of our federation in South-Korea. The goal of this event was to discus the future of our federation and to set a course for the following years.

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